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I had a couple of weird dreams last night.

One was that I had gone to Burning Man with zenmondo, and his wife, buffalogal, and a female friend of theirs I had never met. The whole dream was a sex dream between me and this lady they had brought along. Weird for several reasons: 1) I've only met kelt and zen once, and that was almost a year ago, when my friend projectx was down visiting me for my born-day last year. 2) I have no clue if they have any interest in Burning Man. 3) They have a son, and he was not included in the dream, and I don't think they would leave him behind.

The other dream was way too long with far too many things happening for me to remember, let alone relate them all here. Some of the things I kind of remember:
I was some sort of investigator/spy, like James Bond and Charlie Chan rolled into one.
I remember we (I had a partner with me) were standing in front of a mansion of a very rich person. This person had statues of all sorts of different animals in his front yard. But, for some reason, one stood out as odd. I don't know why, but it was like all the animals were wild, except one... but that wasn't what it was, but that's how different this one statue seemed to us.
For some reason, when my partner pushed on the statue, the cement driveway slid up to reveal a secret passageway that led underground. And standing there, was the person we were after.
We chased him down farther into his lair. Somehow, when he was out of our site for just a moment, his wardrobe completely changed, and now he was wearing all these fancy flowing gowns.
I remember a fight scene where we each seemed to have some sort of supernatural powers; I remember he could control electricity (like Magneto controls magnetism in X-Men), and I could crawl around along the walls like Spider-Man (I was thinking about Spider-Man when I went to bed last night--any relation? hehehe) -- but I couldn't spin webs or anything like that.
The fight scene took place in his lab (all villains have labs, don't they?) which looked a lot like the scene in Star Wars Episode I, where Obi and Qui-Gon were fighting Darth Maul.
The last scene from my dream that I remember was this person throwing a bottle of acid at me, which of course, missed, and fell to the floor, about 10 stories down.
This was when I woke up.
A lot more happened in the dream, but I don't remember what.
Typical dream stuff, where everything seems to make sense when it's happening, although you know it couldn't really happen when you finally wake up.

Well, that was my morning. How was yours?

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