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I'm beginning to feel old.
In the last week, my jaw has started popping, my elbow and wrist on one arm, along with one of my knees have started giving me problems (severe pain), my sinuses are worse this year, my goatee was almost completely grey, and I'm constantly complaining about a sore back. I sound like some of my patients!
I need to start stretching more (believe it or not, stretching helps keep your muscles young by keeping them flexible and firm). I should probably be watching my diet a little better, make sure I get all the necessary dietary things my body requires (I'm sure I don't).
I need to start going to night clubs again. Damn city councel here closed down the only one we had; "too many police calls" -- oh geesh, so they have to do their fucking job. I wish I could do that... "I take too many x-rays, send the rest of the patients home..."

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