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I just realized what a weird number 35 is, as far as age is concerned.
My age doesn't bother me, especially since I'm still told, and quite often, that I look a lot younger than what my age is.
But the age of 35 is weird.
Half way between 30 and 40.
I still feel the same as when I was in my 20's... with the exception that my back is starting to hurt more.
I still look the same as when I was in my 20's... with the exception that I am beginning to get a few wrinkles on my forehead.
People keep saying my hair is thinning. I wish they'd stop. I've ALWAYS had thin hair. I usually wear it long, so it's less noticeable. I don't think I'd really care if I was going bald, but the truth is, I'm not, and I wish they'd stop saying I was. In fact, if I was going bald, I'd have already gotten there, as male pattern baldness begins in the early to mid 20's. That's what bugs me--the people who don't know this... or even the people who do, but still say it anyway.
When I see other people (patients) who are my age, I can see why people say I look younger than I am. A lot of them look old to me. It's not a grey-hair thing. It's the way they walk (more slowly and like they're tired) and how rugged or worn their faces are.
I guess I got some good genes or something. I mean, I, too, have wrinkles and scars, but no where near what these other people have.
Sometimes when I see a person's age on my paperwork, and see that the person is close to my age, I think it'll be an easy exam, because I'm expecting them to be pretty much as mobile as I am (we call them walkie-talkies). And when I go into their rooms, damn do I ever get a shock. These people are missing teeth, or they're 100 pounds over weight, or have been drug-addicts for the last 20 years, have already been in a major accident deforming an arm or leg, or something.
The people who shock me now are the ones who are my age and actually are just as spirited as I am. I've gotten used to the farmer who is 98 years old and can run circles around me, those people are in great shape. I know I'll never look that good. I doubt I'll even live that long.
35... well, in a month and 4 days.

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