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People also have a misconception about what porn is.
A person (man or woman) posing seductively and provocatively, with or without clothes is not porn.
Porn is the imagery of sexual and sexually explicit acts. This includes penile-vaginal, penile-anal, lingual-vaginal, lingual-anal, penile-oral, digital-vaginal, digital-anal, manual-vaginal, and manual-anal conjunctions. It also includes vaginal or anal penetration by foreign objects as well.
A man cumming while masterbating isn't even porn.

There were some people in the gothic_babes community who were telling a photographer his photos of his model were indecent because they showed her breast and several of the shots were (covered) ass shots. They told him they don't want porn, or the exploitation of females. Idiots. There was no porn, as I have identified above. And the model looked like she was enjoying herself and comfortable during the shoot. Exploitation deals with doing something against one's will. She did not appear to be posing against her will like that.
And here's the real ticker...
not even 24 hours later, one of the girls posts her own images up which are frighteningly similar, and no one's jumping her ass over them. In fact, she's getting applauded.
Double standard here people.
Oh, BTW, the model who posed for the guy who posted the pictures was a lot better looking, and a lot more goth than these jean wearing wannabe's.

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