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Just read something in someone's journal which needs a retort, but not as a reply in their own journal.
There are quite a few people who have been saying, "George W. Bush is not my president."
You don't have to like the guy (I know I don't), but yes, he is your president. You may not have voted for him (I didn't), but yes, he is your president. Our country has a premise, "United we stand, devided we fall." You are deviding yourself from the country if you say that he is not your president. You live in one of the very few countries that allows you to do just about anything your heart desires, and now you want to split it up? Would you rather live in an Arab country--where women have no rights and are considered property? How about China, where you're told you may have only one child. Russia is nice -- if you like poverty.
So you disagree with his politics. So you didn't vote for him. So he's a geek and has already broken many of his campaign promises, what president hasn't? But damnitall, if you're living here in the United States, he is your fucking president. Vote for the other guy the next time, I plan to. And if you still don't think he's your fucking president, then get out of the country and relinquish your citizenship.

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