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I had some strange dreams last night about storms on the ocean. I remember that there were two different storms, each with bizzare weather pattern phenomena, but I only remember the first one vividly. I have forgotten the second one already.
The first consisted of a water "wheel." If you can imagine slicing up a tornado like a loaf of bread, with the slice being about 20 to 30 feet thick, then lying it on its side, like a regular wheel, and still spinning. You can see through the core, or the eye. As it spins, it throws off water like a wheel does, but it's also sucking in water from the ocean and the rain clouds at the same time. As the wheel is spinning, it is travelling along the surface of the ocean, but not at the speed that the "wheel" is spinning. It looks like someone spinning his tires, the wheel turns, but it's not really getting him anywhere.
The second anomoly is vague. There was another ocean storm, coming up on land, but I can't really remember what was happening. I was out on a boat which was specifically designed for severe storms, so that they could be studied. The boat could not sink, even if half of it was ripped away, or whatever. All compartments were sealed, and each section of the boat had a redundant system to stay afloat and maneuver if such a thing were to happen. Plus, the material it was made out of (looked like plastic) wouldn't sink. The boat actually looked like an underwater plane, with wings and tail rudder, although that extended under the water, rather than above. The wings looked a little bit like the wings of an X-Wing fighter on Star Wars, just bigger. I think the boat could also submerge as a submarine, but I woke up before I found out. Either that, or the storm was over. *shrugs*
I wish I could remember the second phenomenon. I just remember being in the boat when we discovered it.

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