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I called my grandmother on Monday. It has been a couple fo months. She's the only grandparent I have left, my dad's mom. She's 84, or something like that. She's starting to sound slow. She was always so spry, even when just talking on the phone, but I can tell that she's lost some of it. The conversation wasn't weird, but it seemed to end rather abruptly. One moment we were talking, the next we were hanging up the phone.

I called my sister yesterday. She had spoken to grandma last week sometime. It seems that my grandma had asked her the same exact question three times. My sister said the second time it happened, she just thought it was one of those slips where you ask twice because you forget what the other person had given as an answer. But she said she really thought it was weird when she asked the third time.

So we know something's up. We went through all this when my other grandma started developing Alzheimer's. We know the stages that they go through. Plus that I see it so often in the hospital.

It's weird how people have to tell me certain things about the elderly parents or brothers/sisters. It's weird how I can look at a person and can see some of the things wrong. Some things are obvious, like swelling. In fact, I can pick up on that better than some parents who bring their kids in. I pointed out to a mom a couple of days ago that her son's hand was swollen. She hadn't even noticed. I can tell by looking at an elderly person if they've been a smoker all their life, and by the look in their face if the reason they're in the hospital is due to their lungs filling up with fluid or if they (the lungs) are just wasting away.

So now I'm noticing I can tell by how people talk, and what they say.

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