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i got home tonight from work, and saw what i thought was a scrawny sick cat in the parking lot, so i got out of the truck to investigate. it ran away from me, slowly, and i thought to myself that it wasn't running like a cat would. so i thought maybe it was a small dog. but then it started climbing the tree. so i really got close to get a good look. it was an opossum! i ran inside to grab a camera, and looked the picture up in the dictionary to make sure i had the right animal, ran outside, but i couldn't see it anymore. the tree in my backyard is right up against the fence with the neighbor's window right there, and i didn't want them to think i was trying to look inside, especially with a camera in my hand. but it really was an opossum! way too fucking weird. dictionary says they're supposed to be on the east coast of america... shit, it's a long way from there! must have been someone's pet... didn't seem too frightened of me... just enough to keep away.

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