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found out today at our meeting that one of the techs had to be "let go." thanks boss, that really helps our short-staff situation.

marty and i were able to get a few words in before the meeting was finished. fc says he will see about getting e.r. to at least stop putting patients in 'our' hallway. he doesn't think he can do anything about the other hallways though.

i wanted to talk about the nurses ordering x-rays, but at 4 o'clock, the meeting was officially over (the day techs wanted to go home now).

one of the things that i had been thinking about got brought up. i was wondering perhaps we could either lengthen some of our pm shifts a little further past midnight, say 4 10 hour shifts in 3 12 hour shifts. i think i would like that... get 3 days off and work 4 days for 10 hours instead.
or we might just hire (yeah sure) another person to come in. like i said, it was brought up, but if it happens i'll actually be quite surprised.

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