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It finally hit me when I woke up this morning what in the hell has been going on with me for the past week.
I've had pressure in my left eye, which I thought may have been a bad contact prescription. The symptoms were similar. Headaches and tired left eye.
A couple of days ago, my upper molar on my left side started hurting, and actually felt a little loose. And I started thinking that now I have a receding gum-line on that side. I'm falling apart.
I woke up today, and I had the worst pressure in my sinuses. I have another sinus infection, which will cause pressure on the eyes and upper teeth.
If I jerk my head from side to side, I can hear and feel the fluid sloshing around inside.
I talked to one of the doctors in the ER while at work today, and he said he'd give me a presciption for antibiotics. But, he left before I had a chance to get it from him.
I figured I'd wait 'til tomorrow to check back with him again. But when I went to bed, the pressure started building up again, and the pain is horrible. I've already taken 1800mg of Advil in the last 14 hours.
So, I got up and went back to the ER to talk to one of the other doctors. She gave me something really powerful, so I should be feeling some relief in the next couple of days. All I have to do is just take the pain for a little bit longer.
Remembering back to the one that I had last year, I could tell that the pressure was easing up considerably after just a couple of days. It should be the same here.
Kill those bacteria! Kill them all!
--but suffer a little bit of pain in the meantime-- Now that I've taken my first dose all of 15 minutes ago, I think I'll be able to get to sleep knowing that those bastards will be dying. I can take the pain, knowing that.

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