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Not that many of you care, but...

My goldfish in the pond are really happy.
They are growing at an outragious speed. One of them is about 4 inches long, and the rest aren't far behind. Even the runt of the group is bigger than the biggest one was when I got them from my aunt's house.
I think one of the water-lillie plants is dead, though. On both plants, the leaves are brown. But, when the recent rains added an inch and a half of water to the pond, one plant simply bent and stretched its stems so the leaves would rest on the water. The other one... well, its leaves are submerged.
I don't remember the names of the other plants that I have in there, but the one which looks like really tall grass appears to be dying, too. I don't know if that's a normal thing for it, even in winter.
And I have another plant which was knocked over and partly out of its pot by the high winds we had. I haven't fixed it yet, but I think it'll be okay for a little while.
After all, they are water plants, and the roots are still in the water, so they should still be able to get the nutrients they need, even while leaning against the edge of the pond.
I have too much stuff to do today to worry about it now.
I need to run to the store to be one of the first ones on my block to get the new Star Wars on DVD! :p I'll probably pick up another movie or two while I'm there.
I also need to get some more black-lights for my shoot tonight. Even if this girl does flake out on me tonight, it looks like I have another opportunity next Thursday with someone else who has gotten her schedule cleared up a bit.
I also need to get this damn house cleaned up!!!
Starting off the day with an upset stomach. :(
I'll be better!

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