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woke up today with horrible headache and severe sinus congestion (who hasn't lately, eh?).

supposedly, there's a meeting today at work.
FC (my boss) will, of course, ramble about unimportant shit, like when our new rooms are going to get installed, etc.
but we need to find out when they are going to work on lowering our stress levels, add more people, or whatever.

also, there are some things that we need to pull the plug on. it is illegal for patients to be put in the hall, yet more than half of our patients now sit in the hall to be examined. without an increase in staff, those patients are still going to have to wait a long to before they get seen.
it is also illegal for me to take an x-ray in the middle of the hall (using the portable machine), but we are getting more and more requests for it. at this time, all of us are refusing to take the x-rays until the patient is actually in a room, but sometimes they are waiting over 2 hours. also, nurses are not allowed to order x-rays, and neither are we, as x-ray techs, but somehow, our radiologists have agreed with the emergency nurses that triage nurses may order x-rays if they feel confident enough that the physician was going to order them anyway. at first, it started out as hands, feet, arms, and legs. now they're ordering cat scans and ultrasounds, and all kinds of different things that is not right.

gotta get to work... oh boy... let's see how this meeting goes...

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