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During the past few weeks now that the weather is changing, I have noticed that my body really doesn't like weather changes. It used to just be during the Spring when I would get congested, when we changed from cold to hot.
But, I am also noticing that I get congested during the Autumn months as well.
I had a cold a couple of weeks ago, but it only lasted 2 days or so. But my congestion and cough never went away.
And my hands are drying out again, like they have done for the past 5 Springs or so. I know that excema is often caused by weather changes, but now that it's happening in the Fall, that's what it has to be. My body just hates weather changes.
My blood pressure is also going up. I can feel the pounding (not headachy kind) in my neck and around my ears, and sometimes my chest. Part of this is probably due to the congestion (swelling in my sinuses, causing the blood vessels to constrict--or tighten-- making the heart have to beat harder to get the blood to where it needs to go). But I probably am getting pretty out of shape. The only excersize I really do is morning back stretches. And I'm not even doing those on a daily basis any more. And boy howdy, when I don't do them in the morning, I sure pay for it at the end of the night. So I need to get back into some sort of shape.

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