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First entry--oh boy!
I'm gonna give this little place a try as a way to keep some things updated, without having to always update my webpage, because, let's face it, I am lazy and don't want to keep updating my webpage. Although, it is in dire need of an overhaul. I think soon I will be changing the name of my webpage from "Aryx' Mausoleum" to "Aryx' Garden." A friend has suggested that I keep 'Aryx' Mausoleum' as a sub-page of 'Garden', which is probably what will happen. A garden contains many different types of plants, whether vegetable or flower, and so will my new site. I will have a seperate photo gallery, along with a bigger 'Galaxxy Chamber' area, and photos from vacation, and who knows what else. It will be a Mish-mash of sorts, just like any other garden.
But at this time, I still have not written too much new code for the new site. But I will have to take care of that soon.

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