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Things that confuse me.
Although I've lived in the Central Valley of California 32 of my 34 years, I was not actually born here. I relocated from Salem, Oregon, where I was born, when I was 2. I had a little baby sister and a mommy and daddy who I had to drag along with me. But, I don't think they minded so much, once they got used to it.
During summer breaks, my sister and I would go back up to Oregon to visit with my grandmother, who I just couldn't convince to come down with us. So, I am very familiar with how much rain they get. They get a LOT of rain! (compared to us)
So what happens when it rains down here?
People run for cover as if they were the wicked witch and the rain would somehow melt them. Umbrellas come out for the smalles of drizzels. I kid you not!
Construction companies halt work, goodness knows they can't work in the rain! Shit. My uncle up in Oregon has it right; if you don't work in the rain, the work isn't going to get done! Go Bob! (That's really his name)
I love California, but sometimes I think my fellow Californians are PUSSIES!
It's just fucking rain!
I almost never use an umbrella, even if the water is just pouring down. It doesn't bother me. I actually enjoy rain. Yes, I like the sun (again), too. But I'm not going to let that be my only weather choice. In fact, I can tolerate any form of weather, except for one thing. Wind. Hate it. Can't stand it. Gives me headaches. Except at Burning Man, but that's another story. So, any weather which I do like, if mixed with wind, becomes miserable for me. It's just the wind part.
That's why I utterly hate Spring here in the Central Valley. That's all we get... wind, more wind, strong breeze, high gusts, more wind, and then it'll calm down to windy. Nope, I hate Spring only for that reason.
But, it's not Spring, is it? Nope, we're still in Autumn. I like Autumn. It rains. We get a little fog. Cool days. Overcast skies. I like Autumn.
And since I bought the boat, I have rediscovered just how marvelous Summer is, too.

It's raining! First rain of the season! It smells so good! :)
Makes for slippery roads, though. These idiots who run for cover are also the same ones who think they can still drive like idiots. Let's see... Summertime oils still on road, mixed with water == no traction for tires == chicken with a tree! Woohoo! hehehe

It's raining!
Did I mention I like rain?

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