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I did some more research on the ancient Egyptian pyramids.
Seems like the Egyptians knew more about their Universe than we thought they did.
Many measurements of the main pyramid matched many of the numbers that only science has recently given us.
As I mentioned, the orbit of Earth around the sun is 365.24 days, not 365.25. Base measurements show that the length was 365.24 pyramid cubits.
Other things also were astonishing to discover.
It is located exactly in the geographical center of the largest land mass.
It points toward the North Pole, with only a 3/60th of a degree error. Specualtions are because the North Pole doesn't remain in the same place that it had pointed exactly towards the North Pole at one point.
Other measurement ratios show that they knew the distance to the sun and moon, and they also knew the circumference of both, as well as their diameters.
One of the air vents (I don't think scientists believe they are air vents anymore) pointed directly at the North Star at the time (not Polaris, as it is now).
Precession (the Earth's axis tilt wobble) was known, and measurment ratios showed they knew to the year how long it take (I said 26,000 years, but that's just a rounded number).
In 2004, one of those air vents will point directly at Polaris.
Polaris, in Greek, means Satan.
Many many many more facts, which I can't even recall right now.

I really think that there is something there that we should be aware of. Especially the accuracy of measurement rations being accurate to 5 places past the decimal.
Maybe the Egyptians really were helped by beings from another world.
It's possible.

I thought it was interesting that one of the air-vents will align with Polaris in 2004, and that Polaris means Satan. If you know any of the prophesies of Nostradamus and his foresight of the Twin Towers disaster and how the following war against Satan would go, depending on whether the New Coutry (U.S.) could get the Fallen Empire (Russia) and one other country (France) to side with it or not.
With what's going on in the world today, it appears that we will be at war by 2004. A big war. If we can get Russia and France to side with us, then we will be victorious. Nostradamus said that, and that's what most politians, et al, are saying as well.
If we can't get them to side with us, then we shall not only lose, but lose big time. Nostradamus said if that were the case, Satan would win. But if we were victorious, there would be peace, at least for a while.
I just thought that both those things together was interesting.

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