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The constellation.
The hunter.
The Ancient Egyptians built three pyramids at Giza.
Those three pyramids, in relationship to size, match the pattern, exactly, of the three stars which make up Orion's belt. Two larger pyramids, with a smaller third one just out of being in line with the bigger two. Comparing the size of the pyramids with the brightness of those three particular stars, they also match. That is, the two bigger pyramids match the brightness and positioning of the two brighter stars, and the smaller pyramid matches up with the third, unaligned star in brightness and positioning.
Got it so far?
It doesn't end there.
Also in relationship to size, those three pyramids are exactly the same distance away from the Nile as Orion's belt is away from the Milky Way. They are also all facing the same direction as far as the compass is concerned.
That's not all. There's more.
There are two other pyramids farther north also built by the Ancient Egyptians.
These, too, are in proportion to Orion. This time, they match the hunter's head.
They are in perfect relationship as far as distance and size.
Had they lived long enough, I have no doubt that we would also see the remainder of Orion on Earth, including the sword and lionskin shield.

There is still more... oh no, the Egyptians didn't stop at that.
To understand that Earth's axis is actually wobbling every 26,000 years and what it does to the North Pole (Polaris) within that cycle must also be known. In 13,000 years, Polaris will not be the North Star, it will have migrated away from that position, and by quite a bit.
So, too, do the other stars.
There is one point in that wobble effect that Orion seems to be running on the horizon, at its lowest point. To the Ancient Egyptians, this is the beginning of time. Almost 15,000 years ago. When that point comes again, in 11,000 years from now, the strange "tunnels" which were built into the pyramids, which seem to have no purpose, will point directly at the southernmost star of Orion's belt.
Actually, that star is a binary system... there are two stars orbitting each other. In fact, all three "stars" of Orion's belt are binary systems. But, I don't think the Ancient Egyptians could see the stars well enough to know that, or even understand what it meant.

Orion is still one of the most well-known constellations, along with the Big Dipper, the Bears, and a few others.

Why was Orion such a big deal to the Ancient Egyptians?

We have discovered that many of the ancient cultures knew far more about things than it was thought possible. For example, the Ancient Mayans knew that the Earth orbitted the sun in a time span of 365.24 days. Our calander still has us at 365.25. So, every four years, we add a leap year, to "catch us up" as it were. However, every hundred years, we're adding one too many leap years. One century (or, 100 years) is only 36,524 days, not 36,525. (Multiply the years (100) by the number of days (365.24)--if we add a leap year every four years, we're adding 25 days in a century, not 24.)

So, what are the Ancient Egyptians trying to tell us? Did they have some knowledge which is still being kept secret from us? I mean, after all, all knowledge from other ancients seemed to get lost, and only to be rediscovered thousands of years later. Who's to say what secrets the Egyptians lost, which we still haven't found.

Is there life on the planets which surround the stars of Orion's Belt?
Was there life long ago from there which created interstellar travel? Perhaps the origin of life on Earth could have come from there? Is that what the Ancient Egyptians knew?
Perhaps life from there just enlightened the ancients, seeming as gods, and something for which the ancients aspired to reach.
Or, maybe they just picked a constellation to mirror on the Earth.

And what about those Ancient Mayans? Many of their pyramids were covered up by vegitation and crumbled away. There are probably many which haven't even been discovered because from the ground, or even the air, they simply look like hills dotting the landscape.
Did they follow a stellar pattern? Did they know something we don't? Chances are, they did. Whether or not there's a pattern to their pyramid building remains to be seen.

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