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Oh yeah!
I went to go see The Ring on Thursday. Cool Movie!
I really liked it a lot.

But, I had some questions which I didn't get the answers to.

1) Okay, the woman didn't die because she made a copy, right? Did she really make a copy? I thought she asked the guy to make a copy for her. If I understood that right, then would that count that she wanted the copy, but he just did it physically? Or did she actually do it herself? I can't remember.
2) If making a copy of the tape prevents you from getting killed, how come she still went through all the stuff which made her believe she was still going to die? The spooking of the horse, the blurred images from the camera, the burns on her arm, etc.
3) Are we meant to believe that the boy had some sort of psychic power and could talk to the girl? If so, why does he have to worry--I mean, I would think that they would talk together more, or he would help her in some way that adults couldn't, or who knows. Why wasn't this aspect of the film played with a little more? If he wasn't psychic or special, then why make him appear so vs. just highly intelligent?
4) I don't remember number 4.

Okay, you can look now, nothing more to see.

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