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My kitten was running full bore through the house and slammed head-first right into my leg. I knew he was hurt, he did the same thing just about every animal does when they get hurt, run to a corner and hide, usually to die.

He ran straight under the bed and wouldn't come out, even with the coaxing of his favorite toys for over 15 minutes.

I thought he must've done some real damage. Scared the shit out of me.

I had to finally just pull the bed out and reach in and pick him up to check him out. I examined him for a few moments, and just started petting him. After a while, he started purring and wanted down.

He just trotted off and is now playing with the same favorite toy that he wouldn't come out for earlier.

He was just stunned and in shock, methinks.

Damn that was scarey!

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