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I finished my below-ground fish pond! I'll take some pictures in a few minutes.

Yesterday was my day off, and I had all these projects to get done. The fish pond was the only one that I got to. My house is a disaster, and it needs cleaning desperately. Fortunately, I did start something, at least I put a load of laundry in and actually started the washer. heh

You know those annoying pop-up ads for X10 security cameras? I ordered one. Just got it from FedEx about an hour ago. I haven't set anything up yet. I ordered the extras that allow you to hook the camera up to the computer, as well. I did that mostly because I thought it might be neat to try to set it up as a web cam that I can carry around and don't have to be limited by the distance of a USB cable. But that's not why I bought the camera. It will mainly be used as part of my home security. I want pictures of the people breaking into my house and stealing my stuff; I don't want to come home and just discover it's missing. I only bought one camera. I'm thinking I should've gotten a couple more. One for the front yard (vehicle ID) and door, one for the living room area, and another here in the computer room. But, it's okay. I can set the camera up on one of the shelves where a bunch of knick-knacks are and it probably wouldn't be seen until it was too late, with the images already stored on the computer. But then again, maybe I'll just use it for web-cam shows. *shrugs* I have to set it up and download software first, and there's no way I'm going to do that today. I am just way too fucking tired. This weekend's out, too.

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