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I've had a few pagan friends in the past few years. I still have some now. Most are practitioners of the pagan witchcraft, Wicca. I've gotten to meet other witches, whom I didn't know and never really kept in contact with.
On more than several occasions, I've had witches tell me that I have the strongest resistance to witchcraft spells that they'd ever seen. On the good side, this means that anyone directing black spells toward me feel their own wrath three-fold. You see, when a black spell is invoked, if the person to whom the evil spell is directed is unaffected, the spell has the property to return to its caster and hit them instead, with upwards of ten times the damaging results which was intended.
On the downside, it also means I am unnaffected by white magic. No love spells, good fortune spells, or charms. No, white spells do not have the reflective capabilities as the black, as far as has been explained to me.
Does this mean I am not able to cast my own spells, that is if I were to decide to practice witchcraft? I don't know, I never asked.
I'm not much into the wiccan arts. Granted, there is a bit of paganism within me. But then again, there's a bit of a lot of stuff in me.

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