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I had a weird dream last night.
In my dream, I had gone to Love Affair last night (in reality, I wanted to go last night, but I wasn't feeling well enough to make the drive) and as I walked into one of the dance rooms, one of the DJs had just started spinning. But he was bad, really bad.
You know like the guy on Clockstoppers? Worse!
He was playing one record that had the basic house beat, and then another one which sounded like it had come from the 40's or 50's. But the thing was is that he was scratching them both! (Is that the correct term? Spinning the records backward and forward rapidly. Isn't that called scratching?)
Yes, he was doing that little thing to both records, back and forth. There was really no beat to dance to, to speak of. The older sounding record was just some typical sounding random song from whatever era it belonged to, so I guess he was trying to match the beat of that to the house part... I don't know.

I think that DJ was supposed to have been me, but I was watching as an outsider. He didn't really look like me, but I'm sure if I was to ever try to spin house, that's what it would sound like.

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