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Sounds like I finally got a couple of people interested in doing some black-light body-painting pictures. There's a girl at work who I've known has always been interested in trying different things, I just never thought about asking her. When she heard about it, she asked if I had any pictures. So I showed her the pictures that I had posted in January (this post and this post).
And she said she wants to do some pictures too. And she said her cousin would really be into that, so she's going to try to get together with her to come over for some fun.

Finally, someone that wants to do some blbp who can actually come over to do it. I know that some of you also expressed interest, but most of you are too far away right now. There's one of you who I know wants to do it which isn't too far, but we just haven't been able to get together for the pics.

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