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I'm a little dissappointed at the turnout for my BBQ last night.
The afternoon part ended up pretty much like I thought it would, just my family: my aunt and mom, sister, brother-in-law and the kids.
My mom and aunt stayed with the kids.
I knew my mom would stay until other people started showing up. She was so worried that no one would come.
Finally, a couple of people showed and I started cooking a bit. After eating and chit chat, she left. My aunt stayed a while longer, watching the kids.
A few more showed up later, after she had left.
Excluding myself and family, only about 8 people showed up all night.
I have tons of food left.
I'm going to BBQing a long time.
People just don't like going to parties anymore.

The people who came had a good time.
I had a good time with those few who did come.
But I'm still upset with the rest of the world right now.

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