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The glass is half...

Pessimist. Optimist.
Empty? Full?

Actually depends on what you want, doesn't it?
I mean, if an optimist wants the glass to be empty, then the glass is half way there, hence, half empty. On the other hand, if he wants the glass to be full, once again, it's half way there, but now it's half full. And so, isn't it just opposite for the pessimist?

The pessimist doesn't necessarily view things negatively, it just seems that way. Let's say, for example, a little girl gets off stage after singing a song. The pessimist would probably tell the mother something about cherishing her daughter's voice now, just in case something happens later in life. Now, that can sound bad, I mean, does the pessimist mean a tragedy? Or does he just mean that as the little girl gets older, her interests will change, and she may stop singing? Doesn't really matter, does it? I mean, people seem to forget: Did the pessimist enjoy the show and like the girl's singing in the first place?

Same show, different audience member approaches the mother: "Your daughter sure has a lot of talent. There's lots of potential if she keeps working at it to become a top-notch singer." Sounds good. Maybe this person could detect the potential and was encouraging the mother to keep her daughter vested in the field. Who knows, maybe one day she will be a star! Or maybe this person was subtely just telling the mother that her daughter needs more lessons.

I guess it all depends on facial expressions and body language.

When I thought of this entry a few hours ago, in my head, it was supposed to have been a little more uplifting. But I read it again and now I sound like a pessimist.

I don't view myself as neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I am a realist.
It's a fucking half a glass of water (or whatever is in it)!

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