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Went to Love Affair last night. Saw altenra and her friend Eli and another person called, Bones, who I think I've read about on her journal.
I had taken both my video camera and my regular digital, planning on taking all sorts of pictures.
But, you know what?
There was almost no one there who sparked any interest on my part to take photos.
I saw ravenboi and took a bunch of pictures of him playing with fire, which I will be posting later this evening. So, a couple of pictures of altenra and several of ravenboi, and that's about it.
No pictures of cute girls. No pictures of public affection. No pictures of hard-bodied males dancing like complete idiots (although I actually saw a LOT of that).

The smoke machine spewing its chemical version of smoke, and the burning bacon smell coming from the barbeque area kept me sick all night. I probably would have been okay if it was one smell or the other, but somehow both, together, just was not working for my system. I would go in to some of the rooms, but it still seemed I couldn't get away. My stomach wasn't recovering from those two odors fast enough.

I finally had to leave -- earlier than I had wanted. I had wanted to get more pictures of altenra because my outside pictures didn't turn out too good. But we had been kicked out of the room because Bones was involved in some photo-shoots in there himself. He called them interviews. Anyway, I kept returning to the room, but she wasn't there and Bones kept shooing everyone away so he could do his interviews. So I never found her again.

Sorry, Lena! :(

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