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To those of you who read my journal on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I have been waxing philosophical lately.
To you, this may seem a little odd, as I am usually posting pictures or jokes that I have received in e-mails, or just banter on about completely inane and meaningless stuff.
Obviously, I've had a lot on my mind, lately. This isn't unusual for me, as I often stay awake nights thinking about things which most people don't attempt.
But for the past week or so, I've been writing a lot of it down here.
I'm not sure. I think I might actually be afraid for once in my life.
Afraid that we may be witnessing the fall of America. Afraid that we may be witnessing it right now.
In the past month or so, many of our allies have started distancing themselves from us. They don't like the path we have started to follow. Maybe it is true that we are only concerned with our interests.
Part of this is due to having a Republican in office. They are war-hungry. They are power-hungry. And Bush has got to be one of the most inept Presidents of our time.
The Democrats are no better. They prefer talk and negotiations before war, which is a good thing. But, they go too far to the extreme. The joke still remains that if Dole were in office, that he'd still be trying to negotiate with Bin Laden, and no attacks would have been made on the Afghanistan government.
Bush Sr. bumbled his part by not finishing up in Iraq, so now we fear that Hussein is building nuclear weapons. And he's getting backed by more and more countries all the time. He's winning.
I would like to see all the leaders of the world come together and try to speak intelligently. Not about disarming their governments, not about how to control someone else. But simply to see what we all could do to make things better on everyone's part.
If that means America pulling out of the Arab countries, then maybe a compromise could be reached. If it means Russia has to re-convert back to communism, maybe something could be done. If terrorists agreed not to kill more people if America shut down its embassies in the Middle-East, then that might not be such a bad idea.
But it would have to be a massive effort on everyone's part.
At the rate we're going, following the same mistakes historic empires made just prior to their own downfall, I think the same will happen to us. And it will be within our lifetime.
I don't have a better answer than that. Being American by nationality, but German and Norwegian by ancestry, I don't want to lose ties with those countries, simply because our President thinks war is the only answer to preventing some foreign country from obtaining nuclear capability.
Is there another answer besides mine?
I'm willing to discuss ideas.
In fact, if we can gather a multitude of alternative options, maybe we could write to our President and try to re-tie the bonds between us and those distancing allies.
I'm not afraid to die, but I sure don't want it to be for a stupid reason. I'll even take an accidental death due to a car accident than the world destroying itself with a nuclear holocaust.

Okay, hopefully from now on, it will be back to the regularly scheduled aryx.

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