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I don't think 'why?' is the question.
Everyone says why is the question.
Why does this happen?
Why are we here?
I think that we are too early in our evolutionary stage to be asking why.
Think about it. Why requires an answer that can only be understood after other things are already known.
Children are a prime example of this. They continually ask why. But they ask it after something else has been answered. And then they ask why again. And again. They are continually gathering information.
But to ask the big why's... we haven't even begun to gather the information for which we're asking why. We can't even begin to understand the answer to why. Who knows, maybe the answer to why is right there in front of our very proverbial noses, but we can't see it because we can't understand it... yet.
I think the question is 'what?'
The answer to what needs to be given before we should even attempt to ask why.
What are we?
What is happening?
What is the question.

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