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As a child, I remember the ice-cream truck blaring its hideous tune that would get all of us to come running, but only in the summertime. And when you were at the window, the driver would turn that obnoxious crap so he could take you order. And he came by only in the summertime. There was only one that would go through the neighborhood, so if you missed him the first time, you'd have to wait a couple of hours before he would return. And he only came in the heat of summertime.
Now, the ice-cream man comes on a daily basis, even when it's raining, except maybe when a storm is particularly strong. And it's not ice-cream man, it's ice-cream men, two or three trucks that drive through the same neighborhood, on a daily basis, even on cold days. Each truck has its own horrible little tune, one is never the same as another. And from sun-up 'til sun-down, they drive around, blaring these less-than-midi quality tunes from their amplifiers. More often than not, you will hear more than one at one time, so you don't have to worry about not catching the first truck, because the second is right behind, even on a cold wintery day. And these people do not even turn down the hideousness of the stuff that is somehow labelled as music to take the ice-cream orders, even on the cold days when one has to bundle in layers. So there they are, two or three trucks sitting in front of the house, jingles playing at full volume, two or three people dressed in sweaters and coats standing in line to order ice-cream from them, on a January or February morning, while I'm trying to sleep and keep blaring childhood tunes out of my head.
Can we reasonable assume that they aren't selling ice-cream? Would you like a joint to go with that? How about a lid? You need some cola? Got a fine powder here. Yeah, I got needles for you. This is the best E in town! Vitamin A coming up!
Don't snort all of that at one time, kids!

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