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Quick update

Just to clarify myself a bit more from my 9/9 post.
I'm not just talking about the arab terrorist groups; although they were foremost in my mind while typing that entry.
There are other groups and other countries that hate us (Americans) as well.
Although our government in working hard to become allies with Russia, there are many sects still within that country who despise us. The younger generation there seems more accepting of us than the older ones.
China, too, (especially the hard line communist parties) would still like to see America fall on its face. They are patient, knowing full well that we are simply just repeating the same mistakes that were made during the Roman Empire, Atilla the Hun, Stalin, Hitler, Napolean, just to name a few.
Our President now does not seem to want to have a foreign diplomacy program that has been tried in the past.
You know, if aryx were President, he would try to have as many friendly foreign relationships as possible, and assign someone on his staff to encourage his countrymen to understand as many foreign cultures as possible. Meanwhile, aryx would also handle local affairs better than some of the previous Presidents.
You see, even though aryx seems to be shy and introverted, he does love listening to other people and their ideas, and work things out so that many implemented ideas can be advantageous for as many people as possible.
But, alas, aryx does not have the funds to run for Presidency, so it does not appear that we will have a peaceful world for quite a long time.
Okay, all kidding aside:
I am not trying to start any wars with anyone here. In fact, I value your input in very high regards. Sometimes I tend to forget some points, and they can be very valid points, and I need to be reminded of them.
I will not take offense at much of what is said to or about me. If you bring up a point that corrects an error on my part, I just have to rework my thinking a bit. I can't do that without your input. So, type away. I'm malleable.

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