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I don't know if I'll be able to take reliving Sept. 11. I can't bring myself to look at the images anymore. Yes, we Americans are highly self-centered and conceited, but how does that allow a person or another country to hate us with such ferocity that they would bring themselves to even conceive such an act?
We take our freedoms for granted. But we don't try to "Americanize" other people to nearly the same degree that religeous factions proselytize. Part of being America is the diversity in other cultures that we have grown to accept. Where else can you go and visit another country in your same city? The big cities have Chinatowns, Japantowns, Thai food restaurants, Russian Squares, Little Italies, people from Greece, Mexico, South Pacific Islanders, Nigerians, and even Arabs. All are accepted here.
Hate begets hate, and evil begets evil.
But somehow, acceptance does not beget acceptance. Love doesn't beget love.
Obviously, hate is the easier emotion.

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