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Tonight I pointed my telescope at the third planet in our solar system. Scientists here have just made an announcement that they think that there might actually be life there. It's such a hostile environment, though, I don't know how they could make such an assumption. I mean, after all, its atmosphere contains oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide in vapor form. That's just way too hot for life that I can think of to live. And it's so damned close to the sun. You'd think that the sun's energy there would blow any atmosphere right off of such a tiny world. They say that H2O is in liquid form. Oh my Atmör! I can't even imagine what life would look like on that little blue planet.

In other news:
We finally finished cleaning up after those comets hit us a couple of years ago. I wish we could ride the waves like that again!

Well, gotta go. Mom's ßverÜing me again to get my room cleaned up. Geesh.

P.S. Pray to Atmör for me that my leg grows back soon.

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