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I called the cable company.
Said they were still working on trying to get my old account name (Aryx) into the new account that they had given me when I moved.
The guy said he'd put in another request, and if I don't hear from them in 72 hours, that I should call back again.
How f'ing hard can it be to go into the files and update my new account with the old information???
When I ran Tree House BBS, I used PCBoard, and I had people constantly e-mailing me telling me that they wanted to change their name by a letter or completely change their online identity. I'd go in to their account, make the changes, and voila!
If that person had accidently set up two accounts because they had forgotten their p/w or something on the first account, and whatever else could have happened, it wasn't too hard. Yes, I had to delete some info, and then I could add it to the new account, or whatever.
Why can't they do that here???


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