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"You're all racists!"

Got a black lady (29 year old) in who claimed we were all racists because we took an elderly white female with known heart problems in ahead of her.

She claims she's going to sue all of us.

I know she can't afford that, I saw her address. She lives in the poorest part of town. If she had the money to hire a lawyer, she definately wouldn't live there. Not that she has a case. She was drunk and uncooperative with anything anyone wanted to do (tests), she was boistrous and loud. If she were to talk to any lawyer, she'd probably get laughed at.

Why does it seem just black people are the ones who say everyone else is racist? I don't get asians or mexicans who say we're racist. In fact, even the arabs are comfortable.

She must've just grown up with a family that thinks that any wrong-doing is due to the black-hating-white-people.

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