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I just finished watching a hummingbird playing in my aunt's yard.
I want hummingbirds, too.
Does that make me sound feminine or naturistic?


Okay, you won't be hearing me talk too much abot buying a house, now that I've signed papers. I'm expecting to get my keys tonight.

However, I have always wanted a koi/fish pond in a yard, so now you'll have to deal with stories and pictures of me designing and building one.

Yes, I know it's not pictures of beatiful naked girls, so if that's all you read my journal for, then you will have to wait a while. I might be able to sneak one or two of those in every once-in-a-while, but I have no plans right now for that.

But, if one of you wants to stop at the house and get your picture taken that way, and have it posted, I'll certainly accomodate you. ;p


Last night went from bad to worse. That's all I want to say about it. I'm glad I have today off and can rest.

I do have a shop steward meeting for the union tonight. I had forgotten about it. So when I called up one of the other stewards to see if she has an address change form or something, she reminded me of the meeting tonight. I also have a meeting at noon tomorrow for the department. I should call to check to make sure that hasn't suddenly gotten cancelled.

The union is starting to piss me off, again. First, everyone is trying to make all the managers in the hospital sound like the sons or daughters of Satan, and management in our department is completely the opposite. I'm sure there are managers out there that seem like that to some people, but with all the laws that have been passed dealing with protecting the employee due to past union activity, managers can not hold such positions if their attitudes are anywhere near what unions still claim them to be. Well, now it has gotten worse. Now individual people are being attacked... people who are not management, but also who do not belong to the union. These are people who do not fall within the type of employee that the union would even cover, at least not our local. I think that another local covers people at another hospital who have a similar title or equivalent position. I'll have to ask; I don't remember that anyone from that department is included, though. And if they are, then these people being attacked are being attacked by their own union. That's not a good thing.

Well, I've typed enough. I want to do something else now.

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