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Not having a very good night at work tonight.
It's not busy, I'm just getting a lot of assholes for patients and nurses ordering completely inappropriate exams, so we have to keep bringing patients back over to x-ray after the doctor looks at the patient and decides what he really wants done.
I had one patient yell at me only after 10 minutes of getting in to the E.R. He calmed down once I told him I would just come back in an hour. He appologized. I told him that most people are waiting for hours before they're seen, even when they come in via ambulance like he did. I told him he was lucky that we were looking at him so quickly. He finally shut up and started asking the typical patient questions like how long it takes to go to x-ray school, how long I'd worked there, did I see anything on x-ray.
In the past, I've had to tell patients I was refusing to do their x-rays until they calmed down. It works more often than not; I only recall one patient where that didn't work. Even after waiting for me to come back 2 hours later. He was in pain, though, not angry that he was waiting so long. But, if you tell me you're going to hit me if I dare try to move you, that puts me a little bit on edge.
So I go to J in the B for lunch and have to wait in line a fucking half an hour. I don't know what the hell the problem was with the lady two cars ahead of me, but she just wouldn't be satisfied. The guy in front of me finally just started leaning on his horn. That's when they finally just had her pull around to the front.

2 1/2 more hours to go. Will I make it?

Somebody shoot me.

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