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I got a call from the title company this morning. They still hadn't received the loan documents yet, so he didn't know how much I'll need to get the cashier's check made out for. I don't know where my aunt is keeping all the paperwork, otherwise I could figure out pretty closely what it would be. $1,250 of it is already paid. I get a first-time home-buyer's discount from the title company's fees. And the person who is taking care of the estate, the same guy who didn't want to give me a break and actually save himself money at the same time, still has to pay his share. After all that, I think it'll still be somewhere around 8 to 10k.
If it's no more than that, then I can afford to fix the roof and the subterranian termites near the same time. Although I'm thinking of waiting a bit on the termites until October. If it's less than that, then I can definately take care of both problems sooner rather than later.
Still waiting for the guy at the title company to call me back. He's still waiting for the information to be sent to him (via e-mail).
*tapping fingers*

Are you guys getting bored hearing about my home buying? I know I'm not updating my journal in my usual form. After I'm in the house and my sleeping pattern is normal again, that should change.
Don't give up on me!!!!!!!!!!!

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