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I got some new shoes. They'll last about 2 months, just like all the rest.

The house buying just got $3000 more expensive. The pest control people found subterranian termites, and gave us a price of that much to get rid of them. Under normal circumstances, the seller is supposed to take care of that, however, as the last owner is dead, and the people who are taking care of the estate sale don't want to have anything to do with the property, they refused to take care of the problem. Yes, I did buy the house as-is, but you'd think that they'd follow some of the rules. So, we're planning on getting a couple of more bids with other pest control people *Clark, we need you!*. heheh

I just went and paid for home-owner's insurance... only $586, not the 1000 that another company wanted.

Escrow is supposed to close on Friday, but if we can get all the papers signed on Tuesday, then we'll close a couple of days early. Yay! The mortgage company has already confirmed that I am approved... the title company has all the paperwork except for the proof of insurance, which I just took care of today. :)

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