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Introduced Patches to the kitten earlier. She sure wasn't happy about that. I've got lots of bite marks and scratches to prove it. This move will sure be stressful on her. He, on the other hand, is too curious about everything that goes on around him and will adapt to the move easily.
I'm thinking about getting a collar for Patches and introducing her to the outside, as well, taking her outside on a rope-collar while I am outside working. Might do the same for the kitten as well. I think he already has fleas, so, as soon as he's old enough, he get a flea collar. Patches needs another one; she hasn't worn one in a couple of years--and really hasn't had the need to, as she doesn't go outside and she has always been by herself. I hope she can eventually get along with the kitten and be friends. We shall see.

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