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Okay, here's a question for the webcam girls (or boys if you're reading). I just recently purchased a camera for the computer that I am sure that Cody will want to use a LOT when she's here as some sort of webcam. With my cam came the option of buying webcam software for a measly $20 that attaches to the software that came with the camera. I also know that there is shareware out there. My problem is finding the shareware it. So I was wondering if any of you have any favorites, or preferences, or opinions... or should I go ahead and just order the additional software.
By the way, the camera I got is an intel PC camera that came with intel Create and Share.
(intel is a registered trademark of some company that builds computer stuff, as is, I'm sure, the Create and Share software that came with it, I just didn't want to put that little (r) symbol next to it... so sue me!)

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