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Phone is disconnected for the next two weeks, so if any of you try to call me, especially collect from Seattle, there is no way to get ahold of me by phone until the 12th. E-mail is it. I can't get collect calls on my cell phone.

Cable will also be reconnected on the 12th. But, for whatever reason, can't disconnect the one at my old house until the 17th. I thought they were able to do it right from their computer terminal, just shut off service. Of course, I'm being charged for everything. Shut off; re-hook up. Fortunately, they don't actually have to install cable at the house, I noticed that it's full cable ready.

PG&E is playing some kind of fucking power game. heh. That was punny... Pacific Gas and Electric, playing a power game. ha ha. No, they're trying to say things can't be done a certain way when I know that they can. I'll call tomorrow and rip them a new anus.

I'll turn in my keys tomorrow to the old place.

Patches doesn't seem to be angry at the world anymore. I guess I should introduce her to the kitten.

I am tired.

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