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she was looking kind of dumb
with her finger and her thumb
in the shape of an L
on her forehead

kitty is still mad at the world. there are four other kitties in my aunt's house, and she can smell them all. she growled all night. if I tried to pet her, she would bite me. when I woke up, she did come to visit me to get patted, but she would still do some kind of weird half meow half growl kind of thing.
damn, I wish escrow would hurry up and close so I could get in the house... everything appears to be free and clear... the mortgage company hasn't actually said that I have the loan, yet. I guess they don't tell you until right at the end??? I do know that they run one last credit check 5 days before escrow closes just to make sure you haven't charged up a lot of other bills while waiting. I haven't, and I won't. but I don't like the fact that mortgage companies don't actually tell you that they're going to do that. you'd think they'd want your business bad enough (they make tons of profit on the interest alone, not to mention all the fees) that they'd tell you they check your credit report one last time. I would think they wouldn't fight to get your business all that time just to lose it in the last couple of days because you did something foolish like buy a 1000 dollar necklace for your wife to celebrate getting a new house. I would think you'd want to tell them that you're doing a last credit check, don't spend any wild amounts of money, otherwise you'll lose the loan.

hey now
you're an all-star
get your game on
let's play
hey now
you're a rock-star
get the show on
get paid

just under 2 weeks to go....

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