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I caught a cold.... damnit!
Well, at least it's not allergies this time.


I'm supposed to go to the beach with pyrophilia and puppyduck to take more fire pictures.
*Christina! We need to know when and how you're getting here*
*Cody! I need to know if you want me to pick you up Friday night after work, or try to make a quick trip in Saturday morning. I don't think I can get you Friday before work, as I have to go to the house inspection in the morning, and a union meeting in the afternoon... unless I can have you here by 3pm*


The apartment is actually starting to show signs that things are getting packed up and taken to my mom's house. Two truckloads over there, all my plants at my aunt's, and starting to pack other things in boxes.


Time for work. And I still haven't gotten rid of this cold. :(

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