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If you have simple words as your password, it is recommended that you change it. It seems that there are some programs circulating that will find your password by brute force (uses your name, and just keeps trying words until it finds the right one).
The best thing to do when creating a password is simply to use random letters and numbers mixed together. The next best thing is to have numbers and letters that signify something else that only you would know. For example, mdRh8fohn could mean, "my dog Rover has eight fleas on his neck."
As always, stay away from words like 'password' 'God' 'Lord' 'worshipme' and words that include your pets' names, birthdays, hometowns, etc. And stay away from simple things like abc or 123, or even abc123.
As passwords are usually case sensitive, it is best to also mix capital letters with lower case, along with numbers. Something like 3Yg5ha2Dr is good. If I just accidently used your password in the making of this post, I sincerely appologize, and hope that you just keep quiet, and go to the password utility and change it before I catch on.

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