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There doesn't seem to be very many talkative (writative???) people on tonight.
I didn't go out tonight, I have a bad headache, and the aspirin just isn't working.
My mom and aunt think it would be a good idea if I got out of the apartment by Aug. 1st.
That would mean I would have to stay at one of their houses until I could get into my new place. That would mean Patches would have to be locked up into whichever bedroom I was sleeping in. I don't want to do that to her. I work nights, my aunt works days, I couldn't play after getting off work, if I stayed there. My mom doesn't have an air-conditioner either, so it'll be hot there. It's also possible that I could stay at my sister's...??? they also work days, the kids would just love it if Uncle Eric was there for a week, but once again, kitty would be locked up.
I'll have to decide later.

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