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Spent the morning yesterday on the phone with one of the mortgage companies. The guy said that the guy who can really approve the deal (wheeled and dealed some weird stuff in there) doesn't work weekends. So he'll have to call back on Monday.
Then, I spent the entire afternoon at my sister's house yesterday. Swam with the kids, with my mom while my sister was shopping in S.F. Got out, dried off. My sister got home, so we went swimming some more. Got out, dried off. Went to dinner at Chili's. Came back, went swimming some more, 'til just after sunset.
That sun sure wears you out. By the time I got home at 10, I was exhausted. I stayed up until 11, then crashed out for a solid 9 hours. Going out on the boat a little later, but I need to start packing up some things; a little bit at a time.

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