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The Digital Shutterbug

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guess i should go to bed soon.
need to wake up early to go look at more houses. i hope that i can find something that i like and can bid on. it'd be nice to have my own house. i don't have to worry about neighbors that share a wall or ceiling/floor. when problems come up, i'd like to be able to take care of it myself.
yeah. and i can have a nice big house party and no one will come and i'll sit here all alone drinking soda and beer and munching on chips and salsa and stuff. yay.
i can put in a pool and invite people to come skinny dipping and no one will come over. i'll be naked all by myself. yay.

also, the cable people are finally supposed to come in the afternoon and see what's up with the connection so i don't have to keep doing this dial-up thingamajig. but you know, i'm getting used to dial-up. maybe i should just keep it. yeah, that's what i should do.


think of me when you sleep... it's called a nightmare... kinda like a dark horse.

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