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A question for the ladies...

Is there such a thing as a guy being too good in bed? In the last few months, I have been involved with a couple of different ladies, both who have made comments that indicated they were satisfied beyond what they were used to. Without trying to sound like a braggart, I must admit that when I am having sex, I do, indeed, try to focus all my attention on my partner, and pay little attention to myself (I already know how to pleasure myself, why do I have to worry about that when I'm with someone else?)
But here's my problem... after staying the night once, neither has returned. Both have indicated the desire to, but neither has followed up on their intentions. Did I do something wrong? Was I too good and make them feel insecure? Should I be more selfish and pay attention to myself at the same time? Or is there something else going on that I am too blind to see?
One lady does have children, and her schedule usually conflicts with mine, so I can understand the difficulties there... but the other one doesn't have kids, and likes to have a lot of fun.
Any insights?

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