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quick query

re: battery light in truck

I took the battery back down and put it back in the truck.
Started up the truck, and my battery light is still on, and the charge guage still says about 9, which is just outside of red.

So, I'm fairly certain it's not really the batter.
Can anyone tell me what they think is going on?
Alternator? Something else?

If you don't know the story,
my battery light in my truck turned on a few days ago. My guage was reading that my batter charge was right on the red line, about at 9, where it normally reads 14.
I decided to come on home and check it out, as it wasn't the engine or oil light, I figured I'd be safe driving a bit longer. I did turn off my lights and everything else electrical (A/C, CD player) that I didn't need. When I got home I checked the water in the battery, and saw that it did need filling, all cells. So I put water in.
I started up the motor for a while, to see if the battery would start recharging. It didn't, so I brought it inside, and hooked up my battery charger and let it go while I went to work. Came homne from work, the green light is on, telling me that the battery is charged. And so we get to today's entry.

any ideas?

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