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Okay, went out to change the truck's battery.
Not a single one of my other car batteries fits. And I'm not just talking size.
The anode and cathode (negative and positive doohickies that the cables attach to) are on the side of the battery that my truck uses. I didn't think that would be such a big deal, except that the cables are only long enough to reach up the side of a battery, and not up and on top.
One battery is simply too large to fit into the battery tray.
The second battery I have is smaller than my truck's normal battery, but I only need it in there long enough to either charge the one that needs it, or until I can buy another one. But, that smaller battery has its connections on top, and away from where the cables come in, so they won't reach. If I turn the battery around, it gets the connections closer to the cables, but then the positive and negative sides are backwards, and once again, the cables are too short to fit. Gah! and Gah!
The battery that I use for the boat is the same size as my truck's. But, once again, it's connections are on top, not on the side.
So, I just said, "fuggit" and took the battery out and brought it upstairs to my battery charger, where it'll have to sit, charging, for the next 12 to 24 hours. Then I'll put it back in and see if it really charged up again, or if I just have to go out and buy a new one. If I have to buy a new one, it'll be the 4th battery this truck has had in its 8 years with me. Wow, it's 8 years old... geesh!

This sucks... I had one errand to run today. Guess it'll have to wait.
I'll just ride my bike to work... if I can find the air-pump to get the tires up.

how many of you actually read this entire boring post?

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